AL. EX.: First Wave by Z.A. Alister

By Z.A. Alister

whilst bio technician Twiler Stone learns that his biogenetically
engineered daughter, Becka, is slated to be used in his employer’s
sinister plan for worldwide takeover, he sends her away with fellow
technician Robert Falcon.

With her, Becka contains an information chip containing best secret
information concerning the First Wave of the worldwide takeover plot.
Her challenge: cease the 1st Wave.
After Robert Falcon is murdered in the course of Becka’s bold escape,
the fifteen 12 months outdated, having by no means ahead of ventured from the safe
confines of the key biogenetic laboratory set up, finds
herself on my own in desert Middlefield, Massachusetts. The
same assassins who killed Falcon, are actually after her.
Stumbling upon unwitting teenage survivalist scouts, David
Randolph and Bruce Langford, Becka elicits their support, and the
three trigger on a deadly experience to accomplish her mission.

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